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Vlog Episode #2: The Dirtiest Player At The Cave Is...

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Vlog Episode #1: Trading Hockey Tips for Discounts

Watch Vlog Episode #1: Trading Hockey Tips for Discounts & Be Sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

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Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave Apparel

Um..it's comfy and looks awesome, what are you waiting for!

Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave Accessories

The exact Steins we use during our famous Live Stream!

Eliminates Wasted Time Looking for Tape 

Our handmade Tape Towers keep your hockey tape organized in your bag.

Holds 10 rolls of hockey stick, sock, electrical, duct, painters etc,,

Each Tape Tower is one-of-a-kind and made from broken sticks

Eliminates wasted time searching your bag for tape

UHFC SummerSkates- Coming Soon


Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave SummerSkates are now on sale - VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES & SIZES AVAILABLE - Order Now!