The World's First Tabletop Hockey League

  • 4 teams: The Refs, The Rebels, The Dealers and The Original Stix.

  • 32 games schedule

  • Two rounds of the playoffs.

  • Winner of the THL playoffs will hoist our 2 foot replica Stanley Cup.

  • The Conn Smythe and Vezina Trophy will be voted on by our social media followers.

  • Games are shown on live streams (Instagram, FB & YouTube) and recorded/edited then posted to all the Cave's social media platforms (FB, YouTube, Instagram, Instastory, SnapChat etc...). So if a fan misses a live game, they won't miss any of the action!

  • Sponsors are promoted throughout the season on all platforms via posts, live streams , ad spots in our blog, instastory swipe up function, etc...for more details about sponsoring the THL, click the button below!



Meet the THL Teams

The Dealers

The Dealers are by farrrrr the leading contender to take home the Stanley Cup in our inaugural THL season. If you are gambling on the result of the THL, put your money on The Dealers.  They know the table better then anyone and they even know how to create and execute one-timers and crisp passes.

To make it a close game, The Dealers will need to make some costly mistakes and their opponents will need some puck luck and lots of fans behind them. 


The Original Stix

The Original Stix is definitely the "home" team in the THL. The Original Stix literally built and modified the THL table, so expect a few bounces to go their way. Don't misunderstand, the Original Stix have the experience and skill to upset the rest of the league and cause some havoc on their way to getting wins. If we had to bet, you will see The Original Stix challenging The Dealers for top spot in the league.

If you are sitting front row, be warned, The Original Stix have been known to engage fans and escalate things to the next level. Hopefully the Original Stix make the sports news for their play on the ice and not from provoking and yelling at the fans.


The Rebels

The Rebels are the newest expansion team to join the THL, they come with an innate talent for hockey, but we aren't sure if that ice hockey talent can transfer to tabletop. However,  the Rebels have been known to upset the more veteran teams.

In preliminary matches the "Original 3" have no strategy against the newely added Rebels. If we had to guess, we don't see the Rebels taking the Cup home this year, but they may be the team to draw some upsets and make some games very close. Even though the season hasn't started, there is already some bad blood between The Refs and The Rebels; these two teams hold nothing back and have been known to wager hockey jerseys on games and even walk out after contested calls.

The Rebels know how to push certain team's buttons, and they have no problem doing it. Look out for the Rebels to take home the Vezina trophy for top goaltender. However, remember all awards are voted on by you, the fans, not us, the THL. These are Rebels with a cause, and that cause is winning at all cost.

The Refs

The Refs are an experienced THL team, they, literally, wrote the THL rule book and aren't afraid to reference it. Play between the boards and you will be fined, delay tactics won't be tolerated. The Refs have been around The Cave since the beginning, so they have some set plays that they like to use. They are well known for using the boards and angles to their advantage.

The Refs may come across as calm, cool and collective, but be assured, deep down they want to win. If things don't go their way, be sure to keep your head up, they may, literally, throw the book at you. This is actually a concern for other teams because they know the Refs play one handed, so there is a free hand available to keep everyone in line!

The Refs competitive nature is so intense that in mid 2016, they made THL history by being the first team to walk out during a game. Funny enough, the walkout rule wasn't written in the rule book...this topic is already added to the agenda to 2017 owners and general managers meeting. The Refs will put up a good fight against The Dealers and The Original Stix, but we see them flirting with second or third place.