Alright, we are giving this podcast thing a go. One main reason we want to host a podcast is because we love connecting with other hockey fans and this podcast will allow us to chat with some of our close hockey friends & even followers/fans! 


For the first episode of Cave Talk, Jordie answers the age-ole question that we get, almost daily, "where did you get all the hockey sticks?" Jordie also share's Kenn's tips and tricks to getting broken hockey sticks. Listen now!


Episode Sponsor: Hockey Sauce Kit 

The Best Backyard Game You'll Find! Cave Approved.


Confirmed Future Podcast Guests:

  • Pavel Barber (World's Best Stick Handler)
  • Kane Van Gate (Web Series)
  • Cody Porter (WHL Goaltender)
  • Trav4 (Youtuber)
  • Lee Elias (Hockey Wraparound)
  • Chris Kibui (Hockey Tutorial)
  • Tyler Cave (Professional Videographer and Film Maker)
  • NoName Hockey
  • Vinny Stellato (Hockey Sauce Kit)
  • May be Kenn Shaw, we haven't decided yet.
  • A.J. (Dusty Hockey & Everything.Hockey91
  • Kevin Hennessey (SummerSkates)
  • Howies Hockey Tape
  • And you! our amazing fans!!