For the 2017/2018 season, the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave is searching for 31 NHL Team Ambassadors to help us capture awesome hockey content that's happening at NHL rinks!

The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave is a backyard building in Victoria, BC, Canada. We don't have a NHL team & we don't go to many NHL games, therefore, we are missing out on sooo much cool stuff! So The Cave NEEDS YOUR HELP to capture content and experiences that happen at your arena! 



What Does A NHL Ambassador Do?

NHL Team Ambassadors is The Cave's special correspondent who will capture footage of a things happening before/during/after NHL games. The Ambassador's edited content (videos/pics) will be sent to The Cave to be posted on our social media accounts, don't worry, your account will be tagged and acknowledged!

Examples of content a NHL Team Ambassador would capture:

  • pre-game routines, fanfare action, team stores, pro-return hockey gear, food, beer costs, game commentary, and anything other cool stuff that happens at your home rink!

Here's an awesome video by The Hockey Circle of his experience at a Chicago Blackhawk Game. We aren't looking for something this long, but the video gives an experience as if you are actually at the game - that's what we are looking for!


What do I get for being a NHL Team Ambassador? 

For phase 1:

  • Full credit for your footage: tagging, reposts, like, shares, shout outs across our social media platforms 

Phase 2 (TBD & confirmed):

  • Ideally, phase 1 is a success
  • Us & our awesome partners (Example: Dusty Hockey's cell phone cases below) send our NHL ambassadors some sweet swag to wear to their games and in their videos.
  • Connect our NHL Team Ambassadors connect directly to big hockey companies who are looking for brand ambassadors and accounts to sponsor.

Phase 2 Example Reward

Ideally we get to phase 2, but our Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave custom SummerSkates are a example of a reward a NHL Team Ambasador would receive.

How do I become a NHL Team Ambassador for the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave?

  1. Fill out & submit the application form
  2. The Cave will review your application and respond directly to you
  3. You will provide sample NHL Team Ambassador content to The Cave (video example of past work, or why you should be an ambassador)
  4. The Cave will announce you as our (Insert NHL team here) Team Ambassador on our Instagram Channel.
  5. We become partners & work together to showcasing your unique access to NHL content & your channel!

What is the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave looking for in a NHL Team Ambassador?

  1. Ideally, season ticket holder - however, this isn't required. We'd like someone who attends lots of NHL games. Different markets cost different prices, so we aren't going to say minimum of 10/30/50 etc.. games required, each application will be assessed differently based on which team you want to be an ambassador for. 
  2. Passionate about hockey, not just their team, but the sport in its entirety
  3. Hockey knowledge - not looking for a hockey whisperer or anything, but a above average knowledge of hockey past, present & future.
  4. Ability to talk to people, ask questions and be engaging.
  5. Enthusiastic 
  6. Can create entertaining content: videos/photos/content - not looking for a Steven Spielberg, but content that is engaging, interesting and easy to follow.
  7. Someone who wants to have fun in and around their home rink. 

Submit your application to become a NHL Team Ambassador for the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave

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