Episode #4: How to Get Sponsored By Hockey Companies

Jordie share inside information he received from The Cave’s partners about how to get sponsored by Hockey companies. Learn the tips and tricks to getting free products from hockey

Episode #4 Sponsor: Howies Hockey Tape

Episode #3: Tips & Tricks To Grow Your Instagram Account

We've been showcasing the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave on social media, especially Instagram for 2-3 years. Along the way we have learned some tips and tricks that will help you grow your Instagram account.

Episode #3 Sponsor: No Name Hockey - Use "FANCAVE" to save 15%

Episode #2: How the Cave Came to Be

Episode #2 has a special guest, well not sure you can call the guy who built and owns The Cave a guest, but we sit down with Kenn Shaw about how The Cave was created. Kenn also shares some tips to building hockey stick creations. Listen and Subscribe now!

Episode #2 Sponsor: Hockey Wraparound - Train Anywhere with a Hockey Wraparound

Episode #1: How to Get Broken Hockey Sticks

For the first episode of Cave Talk, Jordie answers the age-ole question that we get, almost daily, "where did you get all the hockey sticks?" Jordie also share's Kenn's tips and tricks to getting broken hockey sticks. Listen now!

Episode Sponsor: Hockey Sauce Kit The Best Backyard Game You'll Find! Cave Approved.

Confirmed Future Podcast Guests:

  • Pavel Barber (World's Best Stick Handler)
  • Kane Van Gate (Web Series)
  • Cody Porter (WHL Goaltender)
  • Trav4 (Youtuber)
  • Lee Elias (Hockey Wraparound)
  • Chris Kibui (Hockey Tutorial)
  • Tyler Cave (Professional Videographer and Film Maker)
  • NoName Hockey
  • Vinny Stellato (Hockey Sauce Kit)
  • May be Kenn Shaw, we haven't decided yet.
  • A.J. (Dusty Hockey & Everything.Hockey91
  • Kevin Hennessey (SummerSkates)
  • Howies Hockey Tape
  • And you! our amazing fans!!