Why I miss John Davidson the Analyst

By Patrick Hoffman

As I blogged about here before, I am ecstatic that John Davidson is the President of the New York Rangers.

Not only was he previously involved with the Rangers as both a player and broadcaster, but he is the perfect guy to lead this team into the future. Nothing would make me happier than to see him win a Cup as someone who was directly involved in helping the franchise accomplish the ultimate goal of every NHL club.

With all of that said, I really miss JD as an NHL analyst. It was as an analyst that he become one of my hockey idols.

One reason why I loved Davidson as an analyst is the fact that he was perhaps the best analyst in the history of the sport. He basically worked for every network that covered hockey, covered the game on both the radio and the Internet, and was probably the most prepared analyst in the sport.

Another reason I was a huge fan of his work as an analyst is because of the little things he noticed. He was able to point out things like equipment changes, the way a player holds the stick, a new strategy that a coach tried to implement, etc. Chances are that if it was a little detail that was not noticeable via the fan's eyes, it was something that was apparent to JD.

This leads me to the next reason why watching and listening to JD as hockey's premier analyst was such a treat. He knew how to explain the game to the fans.

JD was and still is one of the game's biggest ambassadors. He knew that going into each broadcast, there would be an opportunity to attract a new hockey and because of that, made sure to explain the game to the viewers as if he was sitting at a bar with you watching the game.

Lastly, you always came away learning something new about the league when you watched or listened to JD. Davidson seemed to know and have a pulse on everything that was going on in the league and because of that, he was able to share interesting tidbits with the viewers.

Again, I am really excited that he is now at the helm of the Blueshirts as the team's President. With that said, a big part of me wishes he was still an analyst in our great game.

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