The NHL Needs the Fans' Voice

By Patrick Hoffman

When it comes to today's media, there have been a lot more sports fan-based companies/shows.
These companies produce content that is geared to people like us on a daily basis. We are passionate fans that like talking about our favorite sport and like being able to do it an unfiltered fashion.

Summer is coming…Are you ready? Click here.

Summer is coming…Are you ready? Click here.

In my opinion, the NHL needs to start using more fan voices. If you look at their website, you see a lot of great hockey analysts, reporters, and writers who are all well-established professionals in this industry.

What you don't see is any fan-produced content. Yes, it's great that they have professionals covering the game, but I think it would be in the league's best interest to start utilizing the voice of the fan.
Today's hockey fan is one that loves the sport through and through, that can relate to sport to casual fans, and can help promote the game in ways that the league can't. 

One reason the league needs to implement this strategy is because it may help them get more attention. In today's sports climate, the NHL is still seen as the fourth most popular sport.

In my mind, that's ridiculous. The league has so much to offer and while they have some good voices to help show that, it's missing some authenticity. 

This changes if they have fans producing content from them. The fan is a voice of the people and one that could be an extremely valuable asset for a league that is still trying to gain more followers.

Another reason why the league should establish something like this is because it would show people that they are innovative and that they know what today's sports marketplace calls for and where it is going. The sports media landscape is starting to see how fan-related companies can make a big impact (Barstool Sports) and how they should be seen as viable sports media outlets.

Lastly, doing something like this makes too much sense for a league that is trying to reel in more fans to help grow the sport. If the league wants to grow, this is something they need to at least consider.

It's time for the league to start thinking outside the box and begin to realize that utilizing the fan's voice may be the right step to take in order to make the league more popular.

Patrick covers the NHL for The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave. 

He has previously covered the league for WTP SportsSportsnet.caKukla’s Korner, Spector’s Hockey, NHL Network Radio blog,, The Fourth Period, Stan Fischler’s “The Fischler Report”, as well as a slew of others.

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