The NHL Should Use Barstool Sports to Grow the Game

By Patrick Hoffman

If you haven't heard, Barstool Sports is the best media outlet out there.

This media brand is authentic, innovative, hard working, intelligent, funny, and extremely versatile. Sure, the company has many detractors, but in my opinion, those people need to pipe down.

Support The Cave with every purchase of our Hockey Stick Sunglasses | Blade Shades

Support The Cave with every purchase of our Hockey Stick Sunglasses | Blade Shades

One professional sports brand that could really use a company like Barstool is the NHL. In fact, it's kind of hard to believe that the NHL has not gotten involved with them already.

For starters, the NHL still needs to find a way to get the casual fans' attention. Hockey is known to be a niche sport consisting of tons of fanatics. While that is great, the NHL needs some more common folks to get into the sport.

Barstool can easily help with that, especially in terms of their outstanding hockey podcast, Spittin' Chiclets. Simply put, this is the best hockey podcast.

Hosts Rear AdmiralRyan WhitneyPaul Bissonnette, and Mike Grinnell, all do an unbelievable job of bringing hockey fandom, humor, and terrific content to the forefront on a daily basis. These guys are so good at what they do that they are able to get great guests who will open up to them because of how relaxed and real the interview is.

Secondly, the hockey guys at Barstool Sports all have a lot of passion and great reactions to the sport as a whole from a fan's perspective. People like Grinnell, YoungPageviewsJordieChiefMarina Molnar, and Riggs all love the sport and they show that in a creative fashion.

Lastly, it makes too much sense for the NHL to utilize Barstool Sports to promote their sport. Yes, the NHL has definitely made some big strides in doing just that, but if they were to ever allow Barstool Sports to help, it could end up being a game changer for the league as a whole.

Patrick covers the NHL for The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave. 

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