Bidding over Bernie Parent

Alright everyone, Jordie here from The Cave! Since we have an amazing set of writers helping us with the day-to-day hockey news, we thought we share some of our “Tales from The Cave" and some of the adventures that we’ve experienced and usually only tell when people visit The Cave. Here’s one of my favourites of Kenn and Landen getting into a bidding war that saw Landen pretty much going against the odds of the Canadian sports bookmakers and won. Enjoy the story below told by The Cave’s creator Kenn:

7 year-old Landen meeting Bernie Parent and claiming his prize for winning the bidding war

7 year-old Landen meeting Bernie Parent and claiming his prize for winning the bidding war

So Landen was about 7 and there happened to be an event at a local sports store here in Victoria, BC, Canada and that event were hosting some of hockey’s greatest legends. Obviously, as die-hard hockey fans, we had to do our best to get in there and meet some of the best hockey players to ever live. Some of the legends that were at the event included: the Great Johnny Bower, Gerry Cheevers, Theo Fleury, and one of our personal favourites, Bernie Parent. The event was set up as a meet and greet, but also had an auction of hockey memorabilia to bid on. After the meet and greet, and lots of autographs were signed, it was time for the auction to take centre stage. The event didn’t mess around when it came to these auctions, the auctioneer was legit and very good at their job…and this is where it gets interesting… 

7 year-old Landen meeting Bernie Parent and claiming his prize for winning the bidding war

The auction started off with some small things being auctioned off, like photos and hockey sticks. Then came a signed Bernie Parent jersey! As die-hard Blackhawks fans, people sometimes find it weird that we have so much stuff from other teams and players, but honestly, at the core of The Cave and myself and Landen, we love everything about the game and even other’s teams best players. As well, since I was a goalie in the ’70s and went all the way to the Regina Pats training camp, I’ve always had a soft spot for goalies and I think that has rubbed off a bit on to Landen. 

So something to know before we continue — we went there to meet the legends, we had no urge to participate in the auction and were there, strictly for entertainment purposed. Well, so we thought.

Let the bidding begin…

The bid started at $100 and I’m sitting here watching to see who in the room is going to raise the first bid…to my surprise, the first hand to raise and bid is right next to me...Landen, to my shock, had raised his hand high in the air and by doing so also raised the bid to $200…So yea, that just happened in a blink of an eye and I’m sitting back thinking “ok, someone will bet on top of that and Landen will be happy he got to participate.” A few moments later, a gentleman raised his hand and raised the bid…I was relieved…temporarily, as so it seemed.

The crowd roared with excitement that someone had outbid Landen and then quickly before I could even take a second for relief, Landen had thrown his hand in the air and increased the bidding once again. Amongst the chaos, I’m trying to figure out what the bid is at, and trying to tell Landen not to keep bidding, but the excitement and noise of the crowd weren’t allowing me to get my point across. I felt like I was on a TV show sitcom. It seemed like everyone was wanting Landen to win except for myself and the guy bidding against him. The encouragement for a 7-year-old to win was overwhelming, and now years later, it was quite an experience for everyone involved. Bernie Parent was getting in on the action and sending thumbs ups to Landen and smiling away…thanks Bernie…you were really helping my cause there haha.

The bidding war went back and forth quite a few times and it turns out…Landen won! Landen won the auction and to the crowds and Bernie Parent’s delight. Everyone around Landen was giving high fives and congratulating him on some great bidding, meanwhile, in my head, I realized….I just paid $700 for a jersey! A very cool, unique jersey to say the least, but still $700 is steep for a jersey! At the moment, that was a lot of money for a jersey haha and still is…however, the story and excitement and experience was priceless. It is a story we tell to this day in The Cave and we’re proud to say Bernie Parent’s $700 signed jersey hangs above our Coach’s Corner as a proud reminder to live in the moment and enjoy every experience you can, even if it comes with a hefty price. It was a moment in time with one of the greats and with my son, it’s those moments that you remember forever and not so much the extra money in your pocket. However….

After we left the event and driving home it took me a second to realize what had just happened…we met one of our heroes, Landen won a bidding war, and I’m out $700, talk about an emotional and financial rollercoaster of an evening. During that drive is when Landen and I had a conversation and set a clear understanding to NOT tell your mother that it was $700. 

I guess we will find out if my wife reads our blogs. Haha.

-Kenn Shaw, Owner of the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave & Blade Shades