Here Come the Hawks

Written by: Jillian Dzieciol | @jilliandzieciol

The Blackhawks are currently on a six-game winning streak, despite the slippery downward slope they’ve been riding this year. The team’s current record is 22-24-9. Many fans had lost hope for the team, thinking that this dynasty had an end coming to its reign, but the Blackhawks always seem to find the way to success.

After the controversial hiring of new Head Coach, Jeremy Colliton the Hawks still didn’t seem to have what it took. It’s only natural for a team to need time to adjust to having a new Head Coach, and this might have been exactly the wake-up call that the team needed to get a new jolt of energy and success.

After playing the Washington Capitals on January 20th, the Hawks showed that they could swoop in and reclaim victory. This game showcased the team’s ability to have a dominating offense, totalling in 8 goals. Johnathan Toews and Patrick Kane were a force to be reckoned with, totalling 5 goals and five assists between the two stars.

Will the Blackhawks’ success continue? Only time will tell..