The Canadiens and their Fans: A Relationship that Needs to be Reconsidered

By Patrick Hoffman

We've all been through it. We sometimes stick it out in relationships because we think there will be better days ahead.

You know the kind of relationship I'm talking about. It's one with a long history that at one point seemed too good be true and one that would last forever. 

In the end, however, things would turn inconsistent and even downright ugly at times. This is exactly the kind of relationship that Montreal Canadiens' fans have with their favorite team. 

The franchise and their fans have a rich and long history of winning championships together, having Stanley Cup parades in the streets of Montreal, and being a franchise that was respected by all. Fast forward to now and things are completely different. 

This club has struggled to make the playoffs consistently, has made many questionable trades, and seems to have a general manager in Marc Bergevin that no longer knows what he is doing. The truth of the matter is that it has been that way for the last few seasons. 

Nevertheless, fans kept coming to games because they feel a sense of loyalty to the organization and because it is the only thing they have ever known. I know that Habs fans will never do this, but I think it is time to reconsider the relationship, at least for this season. It's better to start small and then think about breaking it completely off should things really go off the rails.

At least on paper and in the executive suite, this club appears to be going nowhere. Sure, Carey Price is still your franchise goaltender, but questions remain whether or not he can stay healthy and whether the team in front of him is good enough to help him.

On the ice, who knows how the team is going to perform. They got rid of Alex Galchenyuk, who knows what they will do with Max Pacioretty, and the rest of the roster really isn't imposing at all.

This team is going nowhere. The only thing that could be going are the fans as they do not want to have to go through another disappointing year.

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