Isles' fans should Blame Snow for Losing Tavares

By Patrick Hoffman

I may be a Rangers' fan, but I feel absolutely awful for Isles' fans.

Yes, the team has been an absolute joke for many years and yes, it is more than well-deserved, but because of how the team lost John Tavares, their former franchise player and captain, I am willing to put all that aside.

I am sure you true Islanders' fans are devastated about the Tavares news and you every right to be. With that said, JT should not be the one to blame here as he had every right as a UFA to go ahead and sign the deal that he did wit the Leafs.

No, you should focus all of your negative energy on former general manager Garth Snow. Sure, Lou Lamoriello is the head of the show now, but it is nowhere near his fault that JT chose not to stay with the organization that drafted him.

As soon as Snow took the GM's job, you had to know that this team was destined for failure. He never made any good trades, never did anything to make the franchise any better, and he also did not know how to make this franchise a contender.

When it comes to JT, Snow never really showed his franchise player that he would do everything and anything he can to get this team to be a threat for the Cup. Instead, he constantly bought in marginal players, failed to make the right deals even when they were staring him in the face, and he waited far too long to have a sit down with JT to figure out a way to keep him with the organization for years to come.

In 2009, Snow did the right thing and drafted JT as the first overall pick. This was a selection that was supposed to change the direction of the franchise and force to Snow to build around him.

Garth never did that. He allowed his team to continue to lose games and seasons in all kinds of ways and showed that he wasn't even better than the GM before him, Mike Milbury.

You Islanders' fans definitely have the right to be angry at JT for going to the Leafs. With that said, you should really be angry at Snow, something you should be used to by now.

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