Why Marchand Will Cut the Crap

By Patrick Hoffman

Everyone knows that Brad Marchand is a pest.

His style of play toes the line, goads opponents into taking penalties, and also forces the opponent to get away from the kind of game they want to play. It really is an effective style of play that has worked for Marchand ever since he came in the league.

With that said, some of his antics have negatively caught the attentions of Bruins' management. This postseason, he licked a few opponents and while it was hilarious, it did absolutely nothing to help get his club past the second round.

Cam Neely basically said that because of Marchand's offensive production, he does not need the antics. Neely is certainly right when he says that.

When Marchand is focused on leading his club, he is all offense. This guy puts up points (85 points this year), scores big goals, dishes pucks to teammates, and is one of the best offensive players in the game today.

I believe that is one reason why Marchand will stop the embarrassing antics. He should know by now that he means a lot to his hockey club and that they need him on the ice doing what he does best, and that's producing big points and helping drive the team's offense.

Another reason I think Marchand will cut the crap is because I think he is starting to realize that his side-show act is putting his team in a bad light. He even mentioned that in his closing remarks of the season and he said he does not want to embarrass his team anymore.

I also think he will stop because he wants to be a leader. He's been with guys like Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara for years and can see what kind of leaders they are both on the ice and off the ice.

I think this is something that Marchand will take to heart. Chara can't play forever so when Chara decides to hangup his skates, Marchand will want to take on more of a leadership role.

Lastly, I think he will change because he has to. If he continues with the bullshit, I would imagine that the coaching staff and management will have to have a long talk about what to do with the wrecking ball.

Marchand is a great player, folks. If he can cut the crap, he will be even better.

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