An Email Interview with @YoungPageviews of Barstool Sports

By Patrick Hoffman

In my quest to provide as much free advertising as I can for Barstool Sports, I am proud to present to you an email interview I conducted with @YoungPageviews.

YP was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to tell us about how he got into hockey, how he got an awesome gig with Barstool as well as provide some information on Barstool's new hockey show "Healthy Scratches".

I hope you guys enjoy this because this might be one of the best email interview I ever conducted. YP is clearly an extremely knowledgeable and passionate hockey fan and it certainly comes out in this interview.

Here it is:

PH: Growing up, how did you get into hockey?

YP: I don't remember being alive when I didn't play hockey. My dad was a huge hockey guy and used to get Gretzky's stats in the newspaper every day after the games.  

He had me on skates at 1 and a half years old and I just kept playing from there. It is the most fun sport I could ever imagine and I love it like air to breathe.

PH: Who is your favorite team/player?
YP: A legendary guy named Rooster showed me a Sidney Crosby highlight tape in the lobby of Shattuck St. Mary's ice rink the year after he played there and I was obsessed with him ever since.

I was a kid and it was one of the first dudes I had ever heard about that wasn't in the NHL yet so I followed his journey there.  It just so happened to end up being the best player of this generation and be the most fun player possible to watch.  

I met him his rookie year after they played the Blues and had his posters on my wall from middle school on all growing up. It is cliche and I wish it had been a little more underground of a guy but I can't give any other answer honestly.

Team wise, I have grown up in St. Louis as a Blues fan, so I'd really like to see them to finally win a Cup. The prospect of that seems very, very distant at points, which lessens the passion due to years of fool's gold and frustration.  

Years of Presidents Trophy quality teams that then flame out in the spring to a lot of disappointment. Besides the Blues, I end up really rooting for people that I have been lucky enough to get to know over the years.   

The top two are probably a family friend, Brad Shaw, who coaches defense on the Columbus Blue Jackets or a guy like Pat Maroon who I grew up watching in St. Louis. I'm sure there are good people on every team but when you get to know the motivations and journeys of specific people up close, you see how much success can make or break people's livelihoods and you can't help but be on their side.

PH: Considering The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave is filled with tons and tons of hockey memorabilia, what is your favorite piece of hockey memorabilia that you own?

YP: Wow. As lame as this is, I would have to say my stick from my last high school game or the puck from my 50th goal that year. 

I lucked my way into a lot of different random jerseys, sticks, and pucks over the years but my own personal journey through hockey is the most near and dear to my heart obviously and I have the best memories from it by far.

St. Louis high school hockey is definitely not the most skilled environment in the world but I don't think I've ever had as much fun as I did then. It was its own little world and I didn't know any better at that point, and it was the best years you could imagine.

PH: How did you get a gig with Barstool Sports?

YP: I formulated a game plan sitting in my parent's basement in St. Louis to get their attention and present a specific direction of what I could do for them and how it would be valuable to them. 

I made a music video called "Young Pageviews" and put it out. That got Dave to follow me.  

I then DMed him incessantly for an interview and when he FINALLY said he would meet with me, I drove up from St. Louis on a days notice, got an albino Wallaby, went into the office to present the idea for Barstool Outdoors.  

I had documented the entire journey on camera and Dave liked that idea as well. It went well and I just stayed at the office for four days until he said they had an opening for me.

The process is all on film here.

PH: What is it like working for the best sports media outlet out there?
YP: It is the most fun thing in the world. I am thankful for it and can't believe I get to work here after sitting and reading/watching every single thing Barstool did for the past 9 years. 

The people that work here are some of the funniest and most insanely clever people I've ever been friends with and I'm just trying to learn and get better around them.

PH: Tell us about the new hockey show at Barstool, "Healthy Scratches". How did the idea for this show come up?
YP: Julie was kicking around the idea of doing a hockey show and I heard about it and did everything I could to get involved. 

We were looking for different names and I thought that, since none of us are ex-NHL players or any sort of hockey geniuses, there is no reason to get on a high horse. Also, unfortunately, when I went to college as a true freshman at 160 lbs, I spent time in the press box watching games and analyzing them way too many times. 

I suggested the name as a way to acknowledge our vantage point and kind of chirp ourselves so we don't take ourselves too seriously.

PH: What are you looking to provide viewers with "Healthy Scratches?

YP: Just a fun look at hockey from people who love the sports' point of view.  

I don't think that Me, Julie, and Frankie necessarily need to be the ones educating the public on X's and O's, but I think we can show funny clips and talk about things that would naturally come up while watching a game with your friends. 

I can't consume enough stuff about the NHL, the playoffs and hockey in general, so I think providing another avenue for people to consume stuff with a little different tint to it, can be very cool.

PH: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us puckheads?

YP: I just want to share that I love the game and will always love the game. Men's league, shinny hockey, mini sticks, watching the NHL, watching the draft and juniors, coaching minor hockey,  and really anything else you can imagine, I can't get enough of it. 

It is like a drug that I've been on my whole life so I don't even know how to be without it. Completely

I guess my only message would be that if you love the game there is always a place in it for you, no matter what.

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