An Email Interview with Barstool Sports hockey blogger @BarstoolJordie

By Patrick Hoffman

In my quest to show my fandom for the great Barstool Sports, I am once again proud to present you folks an email interview I conducted with one of their writers who is a big hockey fan.

You folks know him as @BarstoolJordie. Jordan is a huge hockey fan who is passionate about the Philadelphia Flyers and who knows the NHL in general inside and out.

Jordan was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to tell us about how he got into hockey, how he got a gig with Barstool Sports, as well as his thoughts on the Flyers.

Take it away, Jordan:

PH: Growing up, how did you get into hockey?

BSJ: My dad played and coached his whole life so I was pretty much born into it. I'd be at the rink for hours a day as a baby and my parents always tell me that I was on skates before I could walk. 

I think I would have still ended up being a huge hockey fan even if I wasn't born into it since the game is so fast paced and exciting, but growing up I definitely spent more time at rinks than anywhere else so it was a really easy decision for me to be a hockey guy.

PH: Who is your favorite team/player?
BSJ: I'm a Philly guy so obviously the Flyers are my team and I'll never love another player like I love Eric Lindros. With that being said, Lindros was never a guy who I wanted to build my own game around since I'm on the smaller side and could never try to play the way that he did. 

So the player who I probably grew up watching the most on YouTube was Pavel Bure. He was fast, explosive, creative, pretty much everything you'd want to see out of an electrifying hockey player. 

PH: Considering The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave is filled with tons and tons of hockey memorabilia, what is your favorite piece of hockey memorabilia that you own?

BSJ: I have a video series at Barstool Sports called "Quick Shifts". In the video, I use a stick to make it look like I have a microphone. 

That stick is actually a game-used twig from John Vanbiesbrouck from his time here with the Flyers. I was always a huge fan of the Beezer so that's gotta be at the top of my list.

PH: How did you get a gig with Barstool Sports?

BSJ: It was really just a right place, right time type of situation. A few years back, Barstool was still mostly a city-oriented website. At this time I was still in college and was running a small blog of my own. 

They needed another Philly writer around the time that I was graduating, I kept sending in links to my blog and eventually I got the gig.

PH: What is it like working for the best sports media outlet out there?

BSJ: The thing that I equate writing for Barstool to is like getting drafted by your hometown team. I was a huge fan of Barstool before I started working here so getting the chance to actually write here was surreal to me. 

In the few years that I've been here it's been super awesome to interact with all of the fans whether it's in person or just through social media. I know that some people may not consider Barstool to be the "best sports media outlet out there" but I can assure you that we have the best fanbase on the internet and nobody else comes close.

PH: Tell us about how you came up with the Quick Shifts videos?
BSJ: When you're working for Barstool, you're always thinking about the people who are reading or watching your content. 

I know that a lot of people out there don't necessarily have time to read long-winded blogs recapping the entire night of NHL hockey. I also know that a lot of people out there don't necessarily have time to watch a full 30-minute episode of a show that recaps the night either. Most people have office jobs and they're on the go and they just need something quick to get all the big information. 

So that's where Quick Shifts came in. I like to think that it's the perfect show because you can take a quick little bathroom break at work and watch the full thing.

PH: What are your thoughts on this year's Flyers team?

BSJ: The Flyers are one of those teams that from week to week can look completely different. Some weeks they can be the hottest team in the NHL. Other weeks they look like they've never laced up a pair of skates before. 

It's exciting at times but other times I know that they are shaving years off of my lifespan. I think this year's team is good enough to be exactly where they are right now. In the playoffs, but not a true Stanley Cup contender. 

Until they get a true #1 goaltender who can put together a full consistent season, it'll most likely be the same story.

PH: Will there ever come a time for the Flyers when they do not have a goaltending issue? Year in and year out, it seems that they have to deal with inconsistency and injury issues.

BS: Right now there is a kid playing for the Everett Silvertips in the WHL named Carter Hart. He's also been Canada's goalie at the World Juniors for the past couple of years. 

He is pegged to be the long-awaited savior for the Flyers in between the pipes. Chances are that he'll spend the majority of next season playing with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms in the AHL while he still develops a bit. But, after next year I think there's a legitimate shot that he comes in and takes over as the starting goalie for the Flyers. 

He's been lights out in junior and as long as he continues on the trajectory where people think he's on, he has a chance to become an elite goaltender in the NHL. If that doesn't work out, however, well then the Flyers are screwed.

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