An Idea for the NHL Network: A Show For the Fans By The Fans

By Patrick Hoffman

As every hockey fan knows, the NHL Network (NHLN) is a channel that they should all love.

Heck, it is a channel dedicated to all things puck 24/7. Why wouldn't a hockey fan love it?

With that said, however, the channel does have its detractors. Some say that the Network's content could be better, that their should be more original programming, that important events are missed, etc.

I am here with an idea that may just satisfy the hockey fan's appetite with a new show for the channel. It would actually be a show based on a program that is currently being run on NBA TV called "The Starters".

The show is basically four guys talking about the NBA. They show highlights, interview players and other NBA personalities, do NBA trivia, and they always have a good time on the show and make it a lot of fun for the fans that tune in five days a week. 

This is a program for NBA fans, by NBA fans. The hosts of the program started a podcast called “The Basketball Jones” many years ago and developed a cult following consisting of rabid NBA fans and that helped them get to where they are today.

I believe that the NHLN should develop something similar. The NHL Network is already solid, but if they were to have a show you have a show that is basically “The Starters” for hockey fans, I can almost guarantee you that their audience will grow further and that it may even help the league gain more fans.

There are many NHL fans out there who watch the channel every single day. With that said, I am willing to bet that these same fans probably wish the channel had a full-time show like “The Starters”.

The NHL should be aware just how important their fans are. As such, the league should do everything they can to keep their current fans and cultivate new ones.

I believe that a show like this would help accomplish both of those things. For starters, it would help grow the Network’s audience.

“The Starters” have tons of viewers and they also gain new viewers through their social media presence. If NHLN ever developed a show like this one, the same thing would happen.

Secondly, it would be a way to connect with both current fans and potential new ones. “The Starters” is a show that constantly gets its fans involved and because they do that, current fans can help bring new fans aboard.

Lastly, I think that this is just a good idea, period. I am willing to bet other hockey fans feel the same way.

What do you folks think?

**JORDIE here from the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave**

I love Patrick's idea, my only addition is that we host it at the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave, like a news centre and then other hockey fans from around the world become our "on location reporters." Great idea Patrick!

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