An E-mail Interview with "Riggs" Of Barstool Sports

By Patrick Hoffman

While my next email interview guest from Barstool Sports is primarily a golf guy, there is no doubt that he likes hockey.

This man, "Riggs", was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to tell us about how he got into hockey, his favorite team(s)/players, his experience playing men's league hockey, and much more.

I hope you all enjoy:

PH: Growing up, how did you get into hockey?
Riggs: My dad played growing up, was always his favorite sport. So he got me into it when I was about 4 and I was hooked. 

PH: Who is your favorite team/player?
Riggs: The St. Louis Blues, but Mario Lemieux was always my favorite player growing up. My whole world revolved around him - my dad pulled me out of school early to tell me when he announced he was coming out of retirement.

Nowadays Patrick Kane is my favorite player to watch. He's a magician with the puck and unbelievably talented at creating space on the ice. He doesn't even really take guys on one-on-one, just uses his skills to create space and does as much with that space as anyone on earth. As a Blues guy I'd do anything for him not to be a Blackhawk.

PH: Considering The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave is filled with tons and tons of hockey memorabilia, what is your favorite piece of hockey memorabilia that you own?
Riggs: Have a signed player card from Jack O'Callahan in the Miracle On Ice celebration. He's a good family friend, spends a lot of time with my parents and is just an awesome dude. Get chills every time I watch that final 60 seconds - absolutely no clue how the Soviets didn't score.

PH: How did you get a gig with Barstool Sports?
Riggs: Been a fan since around 2009. Started reading Dave then and, once I was a cube monkey, began running my own blog and emailing new blogs to him as often as I could. I consider it a minor miracle that one day he responded, and the rest is history.

PH: What is it like working for the best sports media outlet out there?
Riggs: It's awesome. We're obviously very unique in that we're a media outlet/reality show combo, so being "on" all the time can be weird and exhausting at first, but you get used to it. Now I thank my lucky stars every day that I did do the cube monkey/sales desk thing first, because I appreciate how cool what we do every day really is. Haven't felt that dread of "going to work" in two years.

PH: Tell us about how your men's league hockey experience. What was it like winning a championship recently?
Riggs: Men's league hockey is obviously way more about getting out of the apartment, away from work or the wife or girlfriend or kids or whatever and getting on the ice with your boys than it is about winning, but we're all competitive and winning is more fun than not winning, so it was a blast. 

I think in terms of seriousness we all teeter on that line of taking men's league quazi serious but at the end of the day, beginning the next session as the defending champs feels damn good. You find reasons in men's league to hate the other teams in order to justify caring.

And how many "championships" do you really get to win after high school or college?

PH: What do you think makes men's league hockey so great?
Riggs: Skating. When you're a hockey guy and you're washed up, skating is just so fun and so different from anything else you do. Feels so good to buzz around, get a sweat in, mix it up with the boys. It's awesome.

PH: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us puckheads/beer leaguers?
Riggs: Yeah don't get so mad on twitter. 

Hockey folks should be excited when other people show interest in the game, not berate them for not knowing all the details or terminology or jumping on the bandwagon.

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