An Ode to Stan Fischler

By Patrick Hoffman

If you are a true fan of hockey, than you know who Stan Fischler is.

Fischler, the "Hockey Maven", has authored well over a hundred books on the game of hockey and has spent over a half of decade covering our favorite sport for MSG Network, Fox Sports, SportsChannel, The Hockey News, and many others. It really is quite puzzling as to why he is not in the Hockey Hall of Fame yet!

Fischler is actually a personal friend of mine. I was lucky to intern for him in the summers of 2001, 2002, and 2003 and to this day, I still keep in touch with him quite regularly and have had a few articles of mine posted in his terrific newsletter, The Fischler Report.

This is why it was sad to hear that he will no longer be covering the game he loves so much on television. He will be using his newfound time to spend it with his sons and their respective families. 

I have gone ahead and wrote something in a much different style than you folks are accustomed to. I hope you folks enjoy it:

Stan Fischler is one of my hockey idols
Watching him on television or reading his prose always makes/made me smile.
He knows the sport inside and out
One can easily see that hockey is a game he truly cares about.
When it comes to his knowledge and passion for the sport
There are many out there that don't come close end up coming up short.
Hockey is something that he loves and is/was heavily involved in
To not have him in the game would be/is going to be an absolute sin
The hockey world is very lucky to have/have had someone like Stan
Stan truly is the best hockey man.

I truly hope that one day, Stan will become an honored member of the Hockey Hall of Fame
If that does not happen, it will be a shame.
Simply put, Stan is one of the best there is when it comes to hockey
When I and many others think of sport, it is you that we will always see.

Thanks for everything you did for the game
Without you, it will never be the same.
Previously, Patrick has covered the NHL for Sportsnet.caKukla’s Korner, Spector’s Hockey,, NHL Network Radio blog,, The Fourth Period, Stan Fischler’s “The Fischler Report”, as well as a slew of others.

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