NHL Makes Right Call on Burrows

By Patrick Hoffman

There are a lot of bad apples that play in the National Hockey League.

Radko Gudas is one example of this notion. He throws a lot of dirty hits and has a pretty decent suspension history.

The other example of this, and the subject of this article, is Ottawa Senators' forward Alexandre Burrows. He's sneaky, throws a lot of cheap hits, and when someone tries to do something to him, he often turtles or does something that's certainly frowned upon.

This was exactly the case on February 6. In a game against the New Jersey Devils, Taylor Hall threw a perfectly legal hit on Burrows and Burrows decided to go crazy.

After the hit, Burrows went after Hall, tried pounding him into submission, but that wasn't the worst thing he did in this altercation. He went on to knee Hall in the head, which is something that this game does NOT need.

For the incident, the league's Department of Player Safety suspended Burrows for 10 games. This is definitely the right call, but I believe something more needs to be done with this particular player.

For starters, Burrows has a history of going over the line when it comes to his style of play. He's been suspended, fined, and while he used to be somewhat of a point producer, it seems like he has gotten away from doing that.

Burrows has an interesting suspension and fine history. Let's take a look:

In the beginning of the season, Burrows was fined $5,000 for roughing against Dylan Demelo of the San Jose Sharks.

Was suspended for three games in 2014 for a hit to then Montreal Canadiens' defenseman Alexei Emelin.

Burrows was fined $2,500 for saying that referee Stephane Auger was bias.

It is easy to see why Burrows has a bad reputation throughout the league. In fact, it is more than well deserved.

Secondly, when he gets into these kinds of altercations, he is often dangerous. For example, back in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final as a member of the Vancouver Canucks against the Boston Bruins, he actually bit Bruins' forward Patrice Bergeron

Last I checked, biting someone is definitely something that is looked down on. While things were tense at the time this event occurred, that does not give a player the right to bite his opponent. This is not Mike Tyson, right?

Lastly, the way he plays is not needed in our game. No one has time for these cheap shots and irresponsible behaviors that Burrows expresses.

I'm glad that the NHL suspended him for 10-games, but it would be nice if they could do something more given his history, his reputation, and his knack for causing trouble on the ice with irresponsible play.

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