An E-mail Interview with NHL Network Radio Host Michelle Sturino

By Patrick Hoffman

As you puckheads already know, I am a big fan of NHL Network Radio.


I like their programminghosts, and all out enthusiasm for my favorite sport. It's been 10 years since I subscribed to SiriusXM and I can say that this channel has done wonders for my hockey fandom.

This is why it is an honor and a pleasure today to bring you an e-mail interview with one of the hosts of this channel, Michelle Sturino.

Hope you enjoy!

PH: Growing up, how did you get into hockey?

MS: My dad was a huge Leafs fan and as a family we would watch Hockey Night in Canada together on a Saturday night with roasted chestnuts (sounds fake, but seriously!).

PH: Who were/are your favorite teams and players?

MS: Growing up I liked the Leafs and the Red Wings even though I technically shouldn’t have. Wendel Clark was my favourite Leaf and my first hockey jersey and Steve Yzerman was my favourite overall player. 

PH: Being that this is the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave and that it has a ton of hockey memorabilia, what is your most precious piece of hockey memorabilia that you have? How did you acquire it? 
MS: I have a number of different jerseys, both signed and unsigned, plaques, etc that are in my office. I appreciate them all! Most of my stuff however, was bought for me by my father. 

PH: At what point in your life did you realize that you wanted to get involved in hockey media? 
MS: I always knew I wanted to get into sports broadcasting, but it was when I was the host and reporter for the Brampton Battalion that I knew hockey was where I wanted to be.

PH: Tell us about how you got the gig at NHL Network Radio. 
MS: I was in between jobs after being with Citynews Channel and Sportsnet World and a friend of mine that I’ve known in the industry since I was an intern at The Fan 590 told me that the head hauncho at the time at NHL Network Radio were always looking to add a female voice. 

I emailed him and the following week I went in to be part of a round table discussion. That essentially, was my audition. 

I started that following week doing updates and over the Christmas holidays there were some openings to host and got thrown into the fire so to speak. As they say, the rest is history and I’m now in my fifth season with the channel.

PH: What is it like working for the channel? Is everyone hockey crazed over there? 
MS: Yeah, but overall sports crazed. We’re always talking about news of the day or what’s going on generally in the sports world.

PH: Is there anything else that you'd like to share with us crazy puckheads?
MS: Hockey is my favourite sport not only for its increasing skill, speed and overall product on the ice; but because there are so many great, and down to earth people. Everyone from the GMs, coaches and players down to the scouts, fans and Zamboni drivers – everyone has a unique story that brought them to hockey. 

It’s these stories, experiences and passion that bring us together in the great game.

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