NHL Network Radio Makes SiriusXM Subscription Worth it for Hockey Fans

By Patrick Hoffman

As a hockey fan you are probably following our favorite sport in a number of different ways.

May be you are one that watches the games on television, listens to the game on the radio, purchases the NHL Center Ice package for your family’s television, buys the NHL GameCenter Live package for your computer, or follows everything by hopping online and checking out all the hockey blogs, hockey beat writers, and so on and so forth.

Believe it or not, folks, there is another way to keep tabs on the sport we all know and love and that is with NHL Network RadioNHL Network Radio is SiriusXM’s 24/7 hockey channel and is a channel that  has great hosts, producers, and terrific hockey content on a daily basis.

This satellite radio channel is simply dedicated to our sport. The hosts are not only some of the most knowledgeable hockey people out there, but they are also true fans of the game we all know and love.

Everyone at the channel works hard every single day to talk about the topics that we are all thinking about while the producers work their tails off to bring us valuable insight from general managers, coaches, players, team beat writers, hockey analysts and more every single day.

Luckily for hockey fans, the channel does not take weekends off. It has original and scheduled programs both days and the channel makes sure to always keep hockey fans informed as they go about enjoying their weekends.

Simply put, NHL Network Radio is nothing but hockey talk/action all of the time. For a hockey fan, it is the greatest thing for his or her ears.

With the holiday season upon us, a SiriusXM satellite radio subscription is a worthy investment for all hockey fans out there. Do yourselves a favor and put your stick on the ice and take a shot by subscribing to this service as I promise that you will not be disappointed.

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