Where'd you get so many sticks?!

We get asked a lot "where did you get all the sticks? So here's the answers and some tips!

Answers and Tips:

  • Let people know that you are going to be collecting broken sticks to make a hockey stick chair, table, light, floor etc...there are a lot of people breaking sticks out there and if someone knows you're collecting, they will think specifically of you when a stick gets broken, or they see a broken one around.
  • Make friends with arena staff. Most of the arena staff would rather give you a broken stick and save them the work of throwing them out, once again, no one wants these in the landfills!
  • Check benches
  • Take a peak in change room trash cans - Lots of people take their broken stick back to the change room and think "oh I'll do something with this" and then decide to chuck it out. 
  • Introduce yourself to your local hockey stick repair show and let them know that you'd be willing to take the hockey sticks that they can't repair. This benefits you and them, if the sticks can't be fixed they go in the landfill.
  • Ask them to start a pile just for you and to contact you when the sticks are taking up too much space.

Before you know it, you'll have a bunch of broken sticks!