We have found that hockey sticks are extremely durable and great for making furniture! The sticks are all sealed to resist ice and water, which make them the perfect foundation for building your own furniture! Below are some tips and information that may help you create your own hockey stick table.

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  • The number of sticks you will need are dependent on the size of the table you'd like to create
  • For the table in the picture it took about approx 20 pieces of durable hockey sticks
  • We have found that the best glue to use is PL Construction Adhesive, the versatility of this glue is great for holding hockey sticks together. We also use this glue for our outdoor hockey stick furniture because the glue holds really well in all types of weather.
  • Remember broken sticks take some work to ensure they are suitable piece for furniture. If you do want to clean the sticks, paint thinner works well to clean the sticks and remove all the residue, 
  • We have found that you need to use the same thickness of stick, meaning, avoid the lower part of the stick shaft because it narrows as it gets closer to the blade. This will ensure for consistent thickness for your entire table.
  • The sticks are on 5/8 plywood and paint the bottom side and edge to keep water residue out
  • The stand that holds the table can be found at recycling stores, they work great and are super sturdy.