What is the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave?

It's best to watch the videos below.. Enjoy!

Quick teaser of the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave on NETFLIX's Original Series "Amazing Interiors", Episode #4

The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave took 3+ years to build and 1500+ sticks to create the one-of-a-kind floor.

The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave (The Cave) is a backyard building that was built from the ground up. The Cave isn't a big business, bar or a restaurant; we are a group of family and friends who constructed a building as a place where all hockey fans can come share and spread their passion for hockey!

In the Cave there is 2 bars, 7 TVs, 3 fridges and an extreme amount of hockey memorabilia, including the first ever 2 foot Stanley Cup, which is signed by 80+ NHLers and Hall of Famers including, Gretzky, Howe and Beliveau. As well, we have handmade 3 hockey trophies: 2 foot replica Stanley cup, Georges Vezina and Conn Smythe trophies. We incorporate hockey into everything and because we have done so much stuff, the best thing to do is follow us on social media; we post all our creations, contests, and innovations to our Instagram account: @UltimateHockeyFanCave, YouTube, Podcast

One thing that probably got your attention about The Cave is our unique hockey creations, which include: hockey stick furniture, wine racks, tables, hockey helmet lights, custom NHL stools, growler cases, hockey stick hangers, custom table top hockey (only one in the world where you can play the ref). We have done a lot and we are very proud of our work. We hope you will continue this journey with us, because you never know what we will come up with next!

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